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Industrial Specialty

  • Anti Weld Spatter 4

    Anti Weld Spatters are liquids used to reduce welding spatter on nozzles, tips, and work pieces. They are designed to effectively protect the work piece from the adherence of spatter by providing a thin layer of protective solution. Anti Weld Spatters...

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  • Inhibitor MCT

    Corrosion Protection for Copper & Copper Based AlloysA Strong Insoluble Polymeric Complex Inhibitor MCT is a corrosion inhibitor designed specifically for copper and copper-based alloys. It works by reacting with copper oxide on the surface of copper...

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  • Leak Check 19

    Leak Check 19 is a ready to use leak detection fluid. It can be applied to any surface to detect even the smallest gas leaks. It evenly covers surfaces and is compatible with all materails. Leak Check 19 is non-toxic, non-flammable, and does not contain...

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