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Specialty Products

Over the years, T&L Specialty has developed products specific to a variety of customer requests.  These products include anti-weld spatter, cleaning foam & resin residue, specialty products for tire mounting lubrication, etc.  Click on the link below for a list of available products.

Remember, if you do not find the product to fit your wants and needs, let us know, and we can custom blend for you!

Specialty Products Attributes and Comparisons

Products are soon to be available for purchase in our online store.  Contact us for further information.

  • Anti Stat 1222

    Anti Stat 1222 is a non-flammable cationic liquid used to eliminate the generation of static electricity and shock ofstatic electricity generted on fibers and equipment. Safety Data Sheet     Technical Data Sheet

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  • Anti Weld Spatter 4

    Anti Weld Spatters are liquids used to reduce welding spatter on nozzles, tips, and work pieces. They are designed to effectively protect the work piece from the adherence of spatter by providing a thin layer of protective solution. Anti Weld Spatters...

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  • Inhibitor MCT

    Corrosion Protection for Copper & Copper Based AlloysA Strong Insoluble Polymeric Complex Inhibitor MCT is a corrosion inhibitor designed specifically for copper and copper-based alloys. It works by reacting with copper oxide on the surface of copper...

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  • Leak Check 19

    Leak Check 19 is a ready to use leak detection fluid. It can be applied to any surface to detect even the smallest gas leaks. It evenly covers surfaces and is compatible with all materails. Leak Check 19 is non-toxic, non-flammable, and does not contain...

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  • Odorless Silicone Spray

    Non-Staining Lubricant Odorless, non-staining lubricating agent good for use in the fabric industry. Can be used on foam cutting blades, sewing machine needles, or any application where a non-staining lubricant is needed.Advantages ยท Completely...

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  • Sliderite Silicone 392

    Sliderite Silicone 392 is a water based lubricating agent good for use in the fabric and foam industries. It can be used on foam cutting blades, sewing machine needles, or any application where a non-staining lubricant is needed. Water based liquid...

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  • Tire Mounting Lube

    Mount & Demount Aids in mounting and demounting all automotive, truck, farm and construction equipment tires. T&L's Tire Mounting Lube is available in concentrated or ready to use blends. Reduces bead damage with its unique lubricating action...

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