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Coating Removers

We are a variety of coating removers for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Click on the following link for a product comparison by substrate.

Coating Remover Attributes and Comparisons

Products are soon to be available for purchase in our online store.  Contact us for further information.

  • Foam & Resin Cleaner TLS 77

    Foam & Resin Cleaner TLS-77 was designed to remove urethane foam from equipment and tools. Blended for consumer safety without sacrificing performance. Unlike methylene chloride based products that evaporate quickly, Foam & Resin Cleaner TLS-77...

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  • Shur Strip H914

    Shur Strip H914 is an alkaline paint stripper formulated to remove vinyls, acrylics, most epoxies and polyesters from steel, plastic and nylon surfaces. Shur Strip H914 is a tank immersion material which is used between 20% and 50% by volume with water...

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