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About Us

When T&L Specialty opened its doors in 1983, our plan was to offer customers the flexibility and performance they needed by providing custom chemical blends for diverse organizational needs. If a product for that special purpose did not exist, T&L would make one.

Our next opportunity for growth came from a specific request from a customer wanting us to clean and paint strip parts for them since we understood the chemistry and regulatory requirements involved.  This happened in 1994, and since then we now serve organizations in the automotive and industrial sectors that require paint cleaning, rust removal, and heavy-duty industrial cleaning.

With this customer-focused philosophy we have grown from a small 800 square foot facility to over 60,000 square feet.  

In Addition to our hometown customers in Tupelo, Mississippi, we also serve clients throughout the Southeastern United States, China, and India by offering cleaning agents, coolants, rust preventatives, metal-forming lubricants, paint stripping, and more to a wide variety of manufacturing concerns.

Despite T&L's growth, CEO Cecil Overton and his staff still make it a point to treat every customer as though they are the only one they have, In fact, the very first customer T&L earned is still a loyal customer today.

Everything we do is driven by our Vision, Mission, and Core Values as stated here:



We are goal-driven leaders striving to be the best in the world at providing innovative solutions through technology and chemistry. We seek mutual growth with our employees, customers, suppliers, and communities by partnering for results that exceed expectations.

We accomplish this Vision through continuous improvement within our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators):

• Safety • Personal Growth • Quality • Customers • Financial • Innovation


We are problem solvers and improvement specialists in manufacturing processes involving industrial chemicals and services related to these chemicals.


We Honor God by:
• Living with Integrity
• Respecting and Strengthening the Individual and Family
• Providing a Safe and Dynamic Work Environment
• Providing Dignity and Importance to our Employees
• Investing in our Employees, Community, and Customers
• Seeking Improvement through Quality
• Acting as strong Stewards of all resources
• Using technology in a way to strengthen and support
our Vision, Mission, and Core Values